“STARC is continuously delivering and winning projects across the rail network.”

Details of our latest achievements & ongoing works are located below.

Latest Achievements

STARC has been successfully awarded it’s provisional Principal Contractor Licence (PCL) after meeting the compulsory mechanisms for compliance. The application was sponsored and supported by key managers at Network Rail following the original application.

As such STARC is now able to directly bid for projects as a main or managing contractor on Network Rail managed infrastructure.

To meet the requirement STARC offered evidence of its robust Quality, Safety and Environmental management systems to cover all areas.

STARC aims to obtain its full Principal Contractor Licence by early 2016, having demonstrated its suitability during its first direct construction project to Network Rail under the provisional licence in the coming months.

STARC win the contract for the supply and installation of the a new 30pr cable to replace the existing buried legacy cabling on Crossrail West Outer region. In conjunction with Lowery, STARC’s team are managing and installing approximately 25km of cable to enable the electrification piling works to be completed, between Stockley and Maidenhead. Included in the works, STARC will be jointing, terminating and testing the copper cable prior to hand back.

STARC also delivered the survey and design for this project, completing circuit correlation and investigation, routing and capacity checks and highlighting additional works required.

Once completed the new cable will replace all circuits currently on the buried legacy cables, enabling the electrification works on Crossrail West Outer to be completed without the implication of live cables remaining in the ground.

The new Crossrail Station WAN and SCADA 48 fibre cable from Paddington to West Drayton has successfully been installed on time and to budget by STARC in collaboration with Lowery.

The new network will support connectivity for an On-Networks Station IP WAN together with Traction SCADA and Protection for the Crossrail Western Section of the Crossrail Maidenhead to Shenfield Traction Power project.

As part of the Crossrail Maidenhead to Shenfield Traction Power project, the existing 25kV supplies on the Great Western will be upgraded to use the autotransformer feeding system, supporting the additional electric trains which are being run by Crossrail.

The SCADA connectivity, via interfaces to FTN at Paddington and Reading, will facilitate the management of the new Electrification Control Points are being introduced by the Traction Power works

In addition, the Station IP WAN network provides communication services between all station on the Western section of Crossrail and Romford RCC.

STARC played a fundamental role in the cable lift and shift works to able the construction of the new Acton Dive Under to commence. The Dive Under, once complete, will elevate the current bottle neck outside of Acton Yard caused by high volumes of freight and subsequently enable commuter services, including those operated by Crossrail, to run faster and smoother through this track section.

As part of our contract, STARC completed assets surveys and cable correlations to aid the design which would clear the proposed area of the Dive Under ready for construction to begin. As part of these works STARC’s team relocated the FTN TEH to clear the area for the proposed head stunt, replaced numerous SPT’s to conform to the new layout as part of the Easter works, relocated FTN and 3rd Party cabling networks (including Level 3 and Cable and Wireless).

The new telecoms infrastructure was installed and commissioned by STARC on time and to budget, ready for construction works to start as planned.

As part of the Crossrail upgrades to the Great Western, the largest single span rail bridge since the days of Brunel has been installed to prove enhanced links to Heathrow. STARC assessed this project by completing survey and design works of those cables which blocked these works. Correlation and renewal of numerous cables was also undertaken including 3rd party fibres.

Keeping to strict timescales was paramount during these enabling works in order to prevent passing on any delays to the bridges team.

“STARC once again delivered these works on time and to within budget.”

Having become the preferred contractor for lift and shift works on Crossrail in 2012, STARC has undertaken multiple contracts relating to cable relocation works. One of these projects was at the old Eurostar North Pole depot in preparation for the remodelling under the Intercity Express Programme.

Works delivered included the survey, design, installation and commissioning of 3rd party fibres and copper cabling. New location cabinets were also installed and commissioned as part of these works.

Intercity express programme – replacing diesel rolling stock

STARC won the contract to complete a Tag and Trace survey of Paddington Station to design the enabling works required for the installation of a new lift shaft and platform extensions. Surveying and investigation of the unmarked cables generated a Cable Lift and Shift Proposal allowing for the implementation of future works, without compromising the reliability of existing telecommunication systems. Works were also facilitated through the use of our specialist equipment.



Project Detail

Project Manage / Project Engineer all cable installation and associated trough route works with new by-pass routes and UTX installations – Complete all jointing, terminating and testing – Managing T2/T3 track access – Complete testing and analysis – Complete As-Builds – Project delivered successfully to programme and budget – ZERO Incidents.


“Can you please thank everyone within your team for beating all targets set by Network Rail with regard to cable meterage. Can you also pass on my thanks for all the good work carried out thus far.”

Project Detail

Project Manage / Project Engineer cable installation – Complete all jointing, terminating and testing – Managing T2/T3 track access – Complete testing and analysis – Project delivered successfully to programme and budget – ZERO Incidents


“Just a quick e-mail to thank you and your team who were recently involved with the fibre cable lift and shift works within the Angel Lane bridge demolition worksite. The actual disconnection window as always with this particular fibre cable and the systems it supports from a Network rail operational perspective was as always very tight (circa 2-1/2 hrs) once all the electrical isolations had been successfully granted at Romford ECR, and the problems associated with the 2B/A scada feeder at Northumberland park, so it was good that your team of jointers and testers worked as quickly and professionally as they did to restore the service by 05.00AM. It clearly helped that you understood the restrictions and penalties that are incurred as a result of over running this type of fibre cable disconnection and how many different factors can and do affect the successful outcome of these planned jobs. Please pass on my thanks to all your team involved and I look forward to working with you in the future.”

Project Details

Project Managed / Engineered in connection with the NASAR Newport re-signalling – Three fibre cables migrated, multiple rail operational services and customers affected – Existing fibre termination and associated hard spliced patching removed, transferred on to Splice UK ODF within the STJ Relay Room PDH 140/34Mbit TEP-1 – Three external live joints managed under disconnection approval – Joint locations 6metres from the tunnel mouth – Communal joint with four cables, two in-coming from STJ Relay Room and two out-going into the Severn Tunnel – One cable up-side hangers and the other on the down-side hangers to Bristol – This configuration gives diversity for the BR GOU and C&W 20fibre cables – whole cable installation, track access, (T2’s) managed successfully


“Just wanted to let you know I received a call this morning from NWR regarding the L&S work which was completed on Saturday night high praise indeed from NWR!

It is worth noting that much of Saturday’s work was organised and managed professionally, the team have been an absolute stars in providing help and support to NWR, C&W on the ground during the disconnection as well as getting his work done on site.”

Project Detail

Project Manage / Project Engineer, Upgrade / install new, No. 28 Direct Line SPT’s, associated block and tail cabling – Extend 40 Line STS Concept 32 Concentrator Signallers Operators Console – Install, test and commission  associated Line Extenders – Install, test and commission 12hr battery & SMPS – Various existing faults cleared – O&M manual completed


“Project completed with zero issues. Please thank the team for the professional work completed and efforts resolving the existing unexpected concentrator system condition. With your experience and willingness you made it look easy..!”

Project Detail

Provision of detailed design – Provision of new signal post telephones – Concentrator additions at Hessle Road Signalbox – 4.5Km 30pr copper cabling works – terminations – Installation of new Tyrone FTN cabinets – 30pr installation and associated jointing, (JTT) – O&M Manual completed


“As you may be aware the commissioning of the Hull Docks was signed back into service before the 07:00 deadline. This proved a significant achievement towards the delivery of the Hull Docks project in its entirety. I would like to thank you all for your efforts on this project particularly your flexibility in providing expertise and solutions to the constant changes that were found to present themselves daily during the life of this scheme. The depth of skills that your staff presented during the scheme impressed me greatly and I looked forward to working with them while on site. Again I would like to thank you for your efforts on the Hull Docks and the support you have shown VWSL, I look forward to working with you again on future projects.”