Health & Safety, Quality and the Environment

STARC recognises that the provision of a consistently high standard of service is key to our success and reputation. It is important to us to satisfy the requirements of our customers whilst maintaining a safe and environmentally friendly work environment for our employees. Our ISOQAR accredited management systems for Health and Safety, Environment and Quality demonstrate STARC’s ongoing commitment in all areas.

Our Objectives

STARC is dedicated to improving and implementing works with safety, timely delivery, targeted budgets and culture change at the forefront of the project.

Delivering work safely is paramount to STARC. By innovating and sharing best practices we are able to complete projects without compromising the safety of our staff or the public, whilst maintaining the high standard of work we are trusted to deliver.

Training and experience is critical to providing a quality service and product for our clients, so we are committed to continuously improving and enhancing our teams capabilities and skills.

Throughout our work, STARC remains aware of its impact on the environment. Whether we are reducing paper use in the office or finding alternatives to harmful products, STARC endeavours to minimise its impact on the environment.

Additionally, STARC is involved in numerous projects to enable works to be completed to make the railway a cleaner, quieter and greener environment. Giving future generations an improved service on the infrastructure whilst creating a more sustainable rail network. Such activities include enabling works for electrification of lines for the new rolling stock and the realignment of tracks for a more efficient service.

STARC continues to evolve and enhance its capabilities and services parallel with advances and innovations in the rail industry in Quality, Safety and Environmental issue.


With the fastest growing rail network in Europe, the UK is at the forefront of innovative projects to help reduce carbon emissions, increase capacity and improved the efficiency of trains.

STARC is proud to be playing a key role in aiding the delivery of these works and consequently building a cleaner environment for future generations to enjoy.

Many of the works STARC is undertaking across the network directly assist in the facilitation of the current upgrade from diesel rolling stock to new cleaner, faster and more efficient electrified trains. With a projected 14% increase in passenger demand over the next 5 years, the new rolling stock will not only provide the extra space required but also make travelling by rail even greener than before.

Please go to our news section to find more information about our latest works and new initiatives which are helping to reduce the company’s impact on the environment.